Drift Race

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Drift Race

Drift Race is a classic Top-Down Racing video game that provides arcade-style drift-controls and quick activity! You will complete basically races against up to three challengers on curved tracks loaded with power-ups and also barriers. Your auto racing career starts in a novice's race of the Bronze League in a sports car that comes right from the automobile dealer. As soon as you got aware of the steering and won your first races you will have the ability to invest a few of your prize money to upgrade your auto and to enter more difficult races that need higher access fees but additionally get you a whole lot even more prize money! Total all races of a league to qualify for a greater organization. Change your street-legal drifter with a much faster race vehicle or save up to get a genuine supercar! Will you make it to the top of the Gold League? Play Drift Race currently for free and enjoy hrs of wandering fun!


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